Our process

Our process is structured, creative and most of all – fun. We begin by nailing down a good strategy, then with thinking caps firmly on our heads we knuckle down and get into gear with this well oiled process:

1. Brand Strategy

We define and execute a brand strategy that affects all aspects of the campaign. We leave nothing to chance.

2. Brainstorming

We put our thinking caps on and start throwing creative ideas around. Some go in the bin, but when that special one pops up, we always execute it in style.

3. Key Art Exploration

We create Key Art exploration that showcases a diversity in visual identity. But whatever road we may choose, it’s always pointing in the client’s direction.

4. Copy & Taglines

We all know that an image says more than a thousand words. Still, five words can work wonders with an image.

5. Changes / Revisions

We are aware that change is a big part of modern life. We go through changes and revisions until you’re 100% satisfied. Everyone is well informed along the way. 

6. Finish / Retouching

We execute thorough detail and retouch work until every pixel is picture perfect and ready for marketing. We are known to be perfectionists.

Our fantastic clients

Where would we be without them. Here’s a selection of satisfied customers who we’ve had the honour and privilege to work with over the past few years: